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The EP is now open for the release of Insularity.

Produced by Drewsif Stalin, this EP aims to translate the new sound into 6 tracks of progressive music, showcasing the potential of the band with the new current lineup.


“Tight, rhythmic interplay gives way to sumptuous melodies and frontman Phil Owen’s raspy vocals, a distinct advantage over others in the tech metal mould.“

Metal Hammer Magazine

Ultimately, it’s just really damn listenable; it’s got that insistent, catchy quality of TesseracT’s Concealing Fate EP, and from the promise of these two tracks a lone, it’s clear that the band have both talent and vision, and are working super hard to implement their ideas.

The Monolith

Valis Ablaze were one of my favourite performances from the night, and damn did they keep me busy. Now I’m never usually a fan of taking photos from on stage, but when they started playing a slower song and all the phones came out… Well I can’t remember the last time I’ve moved so fast to get from my spot in the pit to backstage but I needed to capture that beautiful moment on film

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